So here we are, tomorrow is what the last few months of double spin-classes, cold and wet rides, outlay on new cycle gear, and 6am Sunday ride starts has been about.

Plan is a good pasta meal tonight with some good vegetables as advice from a great MIPIM Ride briefing at Legal & General last Monday was that greens might be limited during the ride.

Logistics has also been interesting; with separate bags of clothes and bike fodder for each day and also a spaghetti of electronics cables to ensure computer, phone, lights and shoe dryer can be charged each night, hopefully this will work – almost requiring me to resorted to a Gantt chart.

Can’t wait to get on the road properly at last with a great group of fellow cyclists and hoping for a smooth overnight crossing from Portsmouth to Caen on the Folie Begere route – Caen-Cannes!

Thanks to all at KSS for the great send off and everyone who has supported me so far.

Cycle to MIPIM starts in London tomorrow finishing in Cannes on the 14 March typically covering 200/300(+) km each day. I’m raising funds with Club Peloton for the charity Coram that has been supporting vulnerable children for over 275 years.

 Please donate: https://race-nation.com/sponsor/e/66388/

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